Information Systems Group
Department of Systems Science, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University
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For optimal decision-making under uncertainty
We explore methodologies for making "optimal" decision making in information and service systems with uncertainty caused by competition among an unspecified number of users, through applied probability, queueing, statistics, optimization, game theory, etc.

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Associate Professor

    Hiroyuki Masuyama (masuyama [at]


    Saori Sugawa (sugawa [at]

Master Students - 2nd Year

    Kazuya Fukuoka (fukuoka_kazuya [at]
    Ouchi Katsuhisa (o-uchi [at]

Master Students - 1st Year

    Hiroaki Bando (bando [at]
    Shuma Ito (rag_ito [at]
    Kazuki Kawaguchi (k.kawaguchi [at]
    Zi-Xuan Zhang (zhangzixuan [at]

Bachelor Students

    Yuki Fujita (y.fujita [at]